Cable Service and Field Work

by Azreel | February 21st, 2008

So, the writer’s strike is over, and my cable is out.

Right in the middle of Mythbusters last night – one of only a half dozen shows that I actually watch- BAM. Nothing but static. It took the internet too. Looks like a cable cut somewhere… Called Charter – the little recorded voice informed me that they knew there was an outage and were working on it. That was last night. This morning – still out. Nada. Nothing. Called again, same thing. No ETA for restoration either.

Soooo…. I’m stuck posting from work and watching stuff from the DVR. Which isn’t all bad, as there’s alot of stuff I’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Fun work thing from last night: I’ve been working out in the field alot lately. And when I say this is “field work” I mean exactly that. Last night I was out at a remote SLIC when I got the !@$! scared ot of me. I had a tent set up over the work area since it was drizzling light rain, when all of the sudden I heard a rustling behind me. Let me say again that I was out in the middle of BFE, alone. Next thing I know I’m being goosed from behind by a large insistent “something”.

I turned around and was greeted by a very large Percheron horse coming INTO the tent. Let me describe this tent: It’s about the size of a six man camping tent. In other words – it’s small. Two people might fit in it comfortably. A horse will not.

It took a while, but eventually I extracted myself, and then the (amazingly calm, yet horribly curious) horse from the tent and convinced him (definitely a him) that while the tent was interesting and dry, it was not where he belonged.

Such are the hazards of field work.

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