Grain Prices Approach “Fair Trade” Prices

by Azreel | April 9th, 2008

Remember all the liberals screaming about “Fair Trade” crops? Remember all the whining about how farmers in South America and Asia were being screwed out of their profits? Now those same hippies are screaming because crop prices are going through the roof.

From the article: “For years, anti-poverty campaigners railed against low commodity prices, which depressed farmers’ incomes in developing countries. In recent months, the world price of virtually all staples has shot up, but the activists are still not cheering. They worry that this boom (intensified by “green” subsidies for biofuel crops) may worsen poverty even more than low agricultural prices did.”

Just more evidence that you can’t have it both ways. The irony of couse is that the enormous spike in food costs is partially driven by the scam that is Ethanol. That’s right – the same ethanol that the Global Warming Death Cult has been pushing, the same ethanol being lauded as the salvation to our energy woes, is actually one of the causes in the massive rise in grain costs. What’s more, ethanol crop growth in Brazil has single handedly wiped out the Amazon Rain Forest AND dumped millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere through slash and burn deforestation and farm activities.

Hillary Clinton has an interesting thought on the whole ethanol debacle. She STILL believes that ethanol is the answer to our energy independence.


I’ll say that again. Because it bears repeating. Hillary Clinton thinks that ethanol is the answer to our energy woes.

Ethanol is a net loss in energy, and there is no way around that. This year alone, 100 million tons of grain will be turned into biodiesel and ethanol. The grain used is enough to feed the entire population of the United States for a year and a half. Then consider the water usage. To make a single gallon of corn based ethanol, you would need 785 gallons of water. Even higher efficiency techniques that use cellulosic plants for ethanol production need almost 5 gallons of water for every gallon of ethanol that is created.

The original article goes on to explain the corrupt scam that is American food aid, saying “The United States, in particular, monetises food aid in a bizarre way. Tax dollars are used to buy food in America, which is then sold by charities in poor-country markets to fund development. Christopher Barrett, an economist at Cornell University, calls this “a clever way to turn a dollar of taxpayer money into 50 cents for a non-governmental organisation to spend.” The requirement that most food aid must be sent on American ships raises costs, and benefits just a few shippers. “

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