The Coming Resource Crunch

by Azreel | August 20th, 2008

Things are steadily getting more tense on the global scene. It’s a complex dance leading up to an enormous conflict, and most of the people world are oblivious.

Russia is moving back in to the oil rich baltic region and has staked it’s claim in the arctic north. Now they’ve begun rattling the nuclear saber again.

China is quietly performing an economic takeover of Africa.

From the article: Razia Khan, the Standard Chartered Bank’s regional head of research for Africa, said yesterday. “It would be wrong to think of China’s role in Africa as being about commodity trade alone. One of the greatest constraints faced by commercial agriculture in Africa is the poor state of the continent’s current infrastructure. Any intervention in this regard could therefore be transformative. Given China’s assistance to correct the chronic investor undervaluation of Africa, and contribution to new investment from both China and elsewhere, it would be wrong to characterize Sino-African engagement as being about commodities alone.

China has obviously moved to make Africa it’s bread basket. There’s also the added bonus of all that oil too.

So, we’ve got China moving into Africa, Russia taking back the Baltic region and moving to take the arctic, while the US struggles to maintain influence in the Middle East and South America. Once those resources are tapped, there is, quite literally, no where else to expand to. Assuming that the major world players can players can avoid stepping on each others toes until then. Battle lines have been drawn, and alliances are quickly being negotiated.

There is a set amount of biomass on the planet, and we’re at the tipping point now. I’m pretty sure we’ll see a neutron bomb attack within my lifetime.

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