Don’t Mess With Texas

by Azreel | June 14th, 2008

This guy picked the wrong bank to rob. He made the mistake of trying to rob a Wells Fargo. In Fort Worth Texas. Where there’s actually an Army base. And guys in the Army need banking services too. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

From the Article: When the man walked into the Wells Fargo bank on Heritage Trace Parkway just before noon, he probably didn’t count on four customers – two of them in the Army – wrestling him to the ground.

“It’s Friday the 13th and everything went wrong for this guy,” said Fort Worth police Lt. Paul Henderson said. “He must have walked under a ladder or broken a mirror or something. He certainly didn’t plan on two army guys knocking him to the ground.”

What the story fails to mention is that these four guys beat the snot out of this goblin before the police showed up.

He’s lucky he’s still alive. Apparently he took a bus to the bank, and neglected to have a getaway plan. So, he told the teller that he needed to drive him home.

When the teller told him that he couldn’t leave, he demanded the teller’s car keys. Then for some reason he tried to car jack a woman and her kids outside the bank. When the woman asked if she could get the kids out first, he agreed and waited patiently while she did so.

Apparently our heroes spotted this goon with a gun pointed at a woman and her kids and decided to intervene. Our dumb criminal is pretty lucky he didn’t get killed. Walking around and waving a gun around outside a bank in Texas is a very effective way to get oneself shot.

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