120 Miles Later

by Azreel | May 7th, 2007

Figured up the MPG of the bike today. Over the first 120 miles, it averaged 41mpg. Not fantastic, but also not terribly bad for an 1100cc engine. And considering the dismal 13mpg my pick-em-up truck averages, it’s a budget saver. Consider also that I tend to ride… shall we say… aggressively, so I’m sure I COULD get 50mpg should I decide to slow it down a wee bit.

Replaced the front brakes yesterday and bled the system. The old brake fluid was a horrible dark brown. The previous owners obviously didn’t take the best care of the bike, but it’s in good hands now. In addition I’ve also had to replace both front and rear tires as well as replace the horn. The carbs are also slightly out of synch, but that just tends to happen on any multi-carb setup.

I’m still torn as to what I need to upgrade first: the seat is stock, and my ass gets pretty sore after only 50 miles. Highway foot pegs are also needed as my frame is just slightly too big for the longer trips. Windshield is important, but the seat and pegs gotta come first.

dreamdesire rode with me this weekend. It was her first bike ride in 20 years, and she did pretty well. Problem was, I only had one old helmet for her to use (I don’t usually wear one, and I don’t want to hear anything about it either) but it was about two sizes too big (I’ve got a big head, what can I say). Consequently, despite the fact that it was tightened down, at speed the chin would lift from the wind and block her vision. We’re getting her a new one that properly fits on thursday. The bike shop has some cute pink ones. I dunno if she’ll go for those, but I think they’d look awful hot on her. And if it makes some of ya’ll feel better, I’ll probably be getting a half helmet too.

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