A Brief Primer On “New Deals” And Taxes

by Azreel | November 4th, 2008

From Radiata Prime

Ask yourself, what would the founding fathers, or even the pre-WWII citizens of 1940 have thought about the tyranny of the modern day IRS compared to oh so unfair taxation and tariffs of King George across the pond? I guarantee you, they’d be thinking REVOLUTION. King George the III had nothing on New Deal Democrats. The crown didn’t even have an income tax in 1776. The income tax was 1% on the income of the richest 3% of voters in 1913, when it became Constitutional for the first time (and with that 1% on the top 3% taxing all income over $1000, the US Federal government brought in more revenue in 1913 than 1787-1912 combined). People were terrified that it might someday be raised to 10%, and were laughed at for their paranoia. By the time FDR got around to implementing the New Deal after his threat of court packing shenanigans, he’d raised the highest income tax bracket to 79%. And lest you think this was a New Deal aberration, under the Truman administration it was 94%, and under Carter 70%. Thinking it had reached unimaginable heights, neoconservative Reagan (back when the term meant former Democrats) reduced it to 38.5%.The New Deal and the imperial presidency got so out of control that after his death, so repulsed was the legislature that the Democratic Congress passed an amendment with approval of 3/4ths several States, that no President should ever be in office for greater than two terms ever again.Do I think a New New Deal is potentially the worst thing that could happen to America the nation, and America the idea? You betcha. It slightly concerns me when supposedly formally trained instructors of Constitutional Law think FDR was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and worse yet, cite him as a shining example of how you’d run your Presidency. And if you think the Victory Tax was an intrusion? A certain Senator from Illinois wants the IRS to know your financial history in such specific detail, that he plans to have your tax forms pre-filled for you so you can file your taxes “in five minutes”. In Soviet America, taxes do you!

Now go read the rest.  Yes, it’s that important.

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