The Camping Trip

by Azreel | June 2nd, 2007

So, we didn’t make it to go camping.

After some brief negotiating over how much stuff is necessary for one night of camping (and not a small amount of tears) we packed the jeep, went to bed, and then got up the next morning bright and early to hit the road.

Originally, the plan was for Dreamer Dez and D to drive the jeep to the lake, while R and I rode our motorcycles. Except R didn’t make it here in time, and it was raining, so D stayed to wait for R while Dreamer Dez and I left to get the boat and do some fishing before the others got there.

Except we never made it.

Yours truly was behind the wheel and making a left turn when we got broadsided by a Suburban from behind. Now some readers may wonder how one can get broadsided from behind. The suburban coming up from behind hit the front of the jeep as we were partially through our turn. It was going fast enough that the jeep spun and the tail hit as well.

At first the damage looked cosmetic, but as I quoted in my previous post, you can’t put lipstick on a pig. Well, actually, you can, but it’s stil just a pig with lipstick on. Upon further inspection (ie: trying to drive it a couple of yards) it was revealed that the steering was shot – the impact was so hard that it turned the wheel and bent the tie rod, giving the jeep a severe case of toe-in and rendering it undrivable.

So, AAA was called in, and assured us that a tow truck was only 45 minutes away. After an hour, there was no tow truck, and so AAA was called again. And again, they assured us he had to be no more than 15 minutes away. 30 minutes later, there was still no tow truck. We called AAA one more time and were put through to the driver to informed us that he was 30 minutes away.

Finally, more than 3 hours after the wreck, the tow truck driver showed up and loaded the jeep on board. Turns out, the tow truck he had been driving broke down on the way out and he had to get another truck. Thinking that the worst of our troubles were behind us, we headed back towards Fort Worth. But no more than a half a mile down the road, the tow truck began to stall and sputter and the check engine light came on.

When all was said and done, it took 4 hours, 9 phone calls, 1 DPS Trooper, 3 tow trucks, and 2 red bull energy drinks to get home. The jeep appears to be totaled, and the insurance company is coming out to take a look next week.

Dreamer Dez says she’s ready for a new car.

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