Hate Crimes, Racism, and Jesse Jackson

by Azreel | June 26th, 2007

There have been a couple of topics that have been weighing on my mind for the past couple of weeks. Recent events and some comments by a couple of other people helped these thoughts to gel in my head.

They found the missing woman. Now her boyfriend, a black police officer, is being charged with the crime. Some may wonder, where’s Jesse Jackson? Apparently, he’s in jail and unable to make it. Where’s Al Sharpton? Apparently, the death of a white woman at the hands of a “nappy headed” cop doesn’t warrant Sharpton’s appearance. Of course, if it were a black stripper and a white cop, I’m sure things might be a little different.

From thecure4ca The pregnant woman is white. The police officer accused of killing her is black. Where’s Al Sharpton now? Apparently, white pregnant mother doesn’t equal black stripper. See the Duke University Lacrosse case if you don’t get that one. Maybe he thought it was the David Duke Lacrosse team? Lets pray nobody called the guy who murdered her and her unborn child nappy-headed. Then we’d be looking at an acquittal as payback. See the Rutgers women’s basketball debacle if you don’t get that one. I can see it now. “If the head is nappy, you must release the baby’s pappy.” And where’s the white version of Al Sharpton? Or do they all wear hoods?

Maybe if we made it a hate crime for a black policeman to kill his pregnant girlfriend in front of their two year old son, that might make a difference. Except, oh yes…. that’s RIGHT. Hate is not illegal. Unless you happen to hate jews that is. Or blacks. Or gays. Or any other class of people we deem as special.

The fact is, people are free to hate whomever they want. To label a crime as a “hate crime” is an injustice to other vicitims of that crime. If a pregnant white woman is murdered by a black man in front of their two year old son, and who calls her a bitch while he does so, it’s an unfortunate murder. If a black woman is murdered by a white man who calls her a nigger while he kills her, it’s a “hate crime.”

Is one murder worse than the other?

Furthermore, by labeling a class as deserving of special treatment, we cause ire to foment against that class. People see them as different. As special. Why are they so special? It’s just because I’m not a jew that I’m not getting special treatment. It’s because I’m not black. EITHER IT IS WRONG FOR ALL, OR IT IS WRONG FOR NONE. A crime committed against a “protected class” is no more or less of a crime than that committed against some random white guy in Queens NY (apologies to white guys in Queens NY). And by telling a class of people that they are special, that they are different, we further set them apart, segregate them, from the rest of society.

Is this what we really want? To drive yet more wedges between segments of people?

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