Post Oaks

by Azreel | July 15th, 2007

Post Oaks are a strange scraggly little tree. You can’t “plant” a Post Oak, they just “happen”. For a tree considered to be a “weed” in many areas, in others, such as this area of Texas, they are considered a commodity. Especially so for the wealthy in this area when they are buying property and building a home on it. Property values can go up by as much as $10,000 per tree.

Which makes construction of a home on a treed property a difficult task. If you so much as look at a Post Oak wrong, it’ll die from stress. Heaven forbid you sneeze on it. You could wipe out an entire grove. Seriously though, they’re a peculiar species. For something so invasive in some areas, they’re also so sensitive that if you so much as drive a skid steer within ten feet of the trunk of the tree, the pressure exerted on the roots of the tree will kill it dead within weeks.

And so, construction companies will sometimes take out supplemental insurance against the damage towards these trees since, odds are that, one or two may not make it through all the soil shifting activity. Which then begs the question: How do you replace the ones that are killed? Remember, these trees are not able to be planted. They grow where the seed lands. Any attempt to transplant them generally results in the death of the tree.

The answer of course is that you can’t. They can only pay the insured the amount that the tree added to the property value. The owner just has to hope that with time, and other surviving nearby trees, the invasive nature of the species will hold true and that more seedlings will sprout.

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