Foster Puppy Update

by Azreel | August 5th, 2010

See? No scarring on the heart or lungs... What? You can't see it? That's OK, I've no clue what I'm looking at either.

Liberty has been with us for a month now and is looking much improved. Her mange is disappearing, and her hair growing back in. She’s still very shy and extremely cowed, but she’s getting better. We’ve been able to go out on some field trips and have taken her out to the park and to friends homes where she’s gotten to mingle with other people and pets. It seems to be helping.

We took her in to the vet for the first of her heart worm visits two weeks ago. The vet took some chest X-Rays to check for existing scarring on the heart and lungs. There was none, so she was declared to be a good candidate for the heart worm treatment. The actual initial heart worm treatment would take place in two weeks after she’d had a pretreatment.

Heart worms carry a bacteria with them, and when you kill the heart worm the bacteria also flood the body, so the vet wanted to put her on doxycycline, an antibiotic, first as a pretreatment to kill all of the bacteria before starting her on the actual Immiticide. When she does go and get her first Immiticide treatment she’ll have to be in the hospital at least overnight so that they can monitor her for any blockages that could cause a potential heart attack, stroke, or organ damage.

She’s almost done with her antibiotic treatment, which means it’s almost time for her first heartworm treatment. We’ve so far raised just over $600 to cover the $1,600 it will cost to complete the treatment, which covered the pre-treatment and a little extra, but we’re still almost $1,000 short of paying for her total treatment. I feel bad asking for money, but that’s $1,000 we really don’t have.

And seriously... Who can say no to that look?

So here’s the deal: If you donate $50 or more, I will host a website for you for free for up to two years at my webhosting company. If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth or North Texas area and donate $100 or more, my wife’s catering company will prepare and deliver a custom designed cake (serving up to 30 people) to the event of your choice.

Any funds received in excess of the amount of her vet bills will be donated to a local animal charity or no kill shelter.

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